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Dreamer Pics

Dreamer Icons
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♥ Dreamer Pics
This icon community is members only. You need to join to view the animated and static icons.

Guideline to join:

1) Your journal must be three (3) months and older and you have recently updated in it.

2) You properly credit icon makers.


1) No hot linking. The images posted in this community are only viewable to people in this community.

2) Properly credit me if using my icons.

3) Comment if taking an icon(s) or if you like them. I will have an idea which icons are popular. Comments are also very inspirational and encouraging.

4) No flames. I will not tolerate disrespect in this community. If anyone disrespects anyone, I will ban him/her.

5) Do not alter the icons in this icon community by adding borders or adding your name to them. They will remain the way how they are presented.

If you qualify, after reading the guidelines and rules, just join. You may watch the community since I will make public posts from time to time. Enjoy the icons. :)
♥ Disclaimer
I do not own any of the pictures unless I state otherwise. I am not making a profit. If you have a copyright to the picture(s) and you want me to remove icon(s), please leave a message. I will do so immediately.

How to Credit:
Personal Journal

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